Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Bathroom

It seems fitting to start this blog with something that sits close to home.
So this is my bathroom.
A project born out of a terrible end to an amazing relationship.
I needed something to bring me out of my horrible thoughts, something to look forward to...
So I redid my bathroom.

And the Toilet Corner:

I've been living in this apt for 2 years now and ontop of a failing relationship the wallpaper was starting to wear my patience thin. A dull green paint job made the space so much more stiffling and putting on makeup at any time besides noon in that dark, cramped room was made into a heroic effort.

So I:

Painted the room bright blue: $15
Painted the shelving white: $10
Switched around the toilet seat: $10
Got a new shower curtain: $10
New window dressing: Free (Made from material I already had)

Brushes & Such: $5

And Voila!


For $50 I'm thrilled with how it came out, and it not only brightens the place up, and gives it a new look, but it gives me a new start. This is my literal clean slate and I love it!
I'm still waiting to get new fluffy white towels, and a new white floor rug, but all good things come with time. And my last little detailing will be in the toilet corner. When I manage to find time to pick up some spray paint (this is the result of wet paint, not so gorgeous) this stenciling pattern will cover the entire wall behind the toilet. Additional Cost- $5 for scrap book paper stencils from the dollar store.

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