Friday, August 13, 2010

Graduate Students Making a Difference fo Tomorrow

The future is never certain, but it is an exciting one, filled with possibility and in this case promise.

A New Zealand Exhibition running from August 2nd-15th featuring student exhibitions on sustainable design in every aspect. With just a couple days left I find myself wishing for a spare plane ticket to pop up in my couch cushions, however, next best is their online exhibits. A few of my favourites:

Ben McMahon- Bachelor in Industrial Design, Next Gen. Fan.

This one makes me jealous I didn't think of it first. An absolutely elegant design that takes full advantage of air movement to better distribute it throughout a room. You can just see it begging to be painted bright colours!

Olivier Vancaillie- Bachelor in Industrial Design, Next Gen. Windmill

Long gone are the days of those old wooden giants, Olivier presents his new idea of innovative form, similar to that of the fan above, that takes full advantage of wind flow from varying directions instead of the traditional one. Not only that but his design can be almost entirely made from recycled materials! (and I think there'd be less of an issue of birds flying into them!)

Edward Sackett- Bachelor of Industrial Design, contemporary jewlery.

Now lastly (because I can't talk about them all!) my personal favourite. Although it's not so much from an environmental perspective as the information provided on these rings was disappointingly little, not directly addressing HOW they are environmental; none the less, Edward came up witht he idea of imprinting a couple's fingure prints on these environmentaly friendly rings. May I shout "Pure Genius!" What an absolutely fantastic way to not only make the jewlery unique, but to contain so much emotion and connection in a single ring exchange! Why not take it one step further? As his design tends to avoid precious gems for the sake of staying environmental, I'd suggest looking into man-made diamonds in which a deceased can contribute!

Make Sure to Check Them Out!

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