Thursday, August 12, 2010

Classic First Post!

Yesterday was my 20th Birthday.
Today I'm no longer a child.
Tomorrow I'll be one day closer to becoming a Globally Recognized Citizen.

You're either the person you are, or the person you want to be.

And so, while each foot straddles the grey margin between what society deems me to be, I continue to explore who I am as a person, and find exhilaration in the world of design, architecture, and creativity; to find love and beauty in the world around me.

Jericho Ruins, dating back to 9,000 BCE. A tribute to design and construction.

This blog is for those moments; the moments of genuine inspiration in design that just make you go WOW! when you walk into a room, because it's the person's surroundings that display most explicitely how they are deciding to live, how they wish to be percieved. This is for everything design, from fashion, interiors, architecture, landscaping, weddings, right down to how we choose to design our lives.

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