Friday, August 13, 2010

Katie Turner & Cute Boys

I ran across a cute post over at Design*Sponge today (As I eagerly do every other day) that featured artist Katie Turner, and such featured illustrations.

Now, I'm not absolutely smitten by her art work but I did get a good chuckle out of this one piece and the amount of humour she's stacked behind it. But now newly single and starting to date again it got me it really that wrong to have certain expectations going into a relationship? I always thought my friend Vicky was insane with her preconcieved notions of what her ideal man would be like...6 ft 3, good looking, worldly etc. I thought that to have such ideas would limit not only yourself and put unwarrented judgement on people but would also eliminate potential characteristics that might actually be compatible with you whether you know it/want it or not. So what would my 7 item list look like then? Probably something like this:

1. Funny
2. Down to Earth
3. Hippy
4. Spontaneous
5. Smart (enough to hold an intellectual conversation)
6. optimistic, hopeful, ambitious (all kind of tied together)
7. Masicistic

Three other criteria I'd love to not have to do without for an evenly rounded 10:

8. Reads
9. Enjoys Physical Outdoor Acitvites
10. Likes Seafood

Are you really limiting yourself if these are all qualities you value in a partner? In someone you'd potentially want to spend the rest of your life with?

What would your list look like?

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