Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deconstruction of Commercial Food

When the movie SuperSize Me came out a couple years ago it caused an uproar. People were shocked, and disgusted, as to the effects that fastfood can have on the body and our health.

Now while each of us can make a conscious decision not to eat fast food, our local grocer is literally packed with mainstream commercially produced products. They're practically all that is made available to the general public (besides the over-priced niche organic products) which makes you think, what are these companies feeding us? What is our government allowing us to eat?

A Dwight Eschliman asked this question, and decided to share his findings in a very matter-of-fact manner, by photographing each ingredient that goes into the American Classic, the Twinkie. Grossly enough they all seem to look the same, like this:

37 Ingredients and they all manage to look like the two above (Glucose on the left, Sorbic Acid on the right) minus the occasional colourant. A quick look at the two ingredients above; Glucose is straight sugar, a by-product of the plant process photosynthesis its known to cause increased weight gain, and diabetes. Sorbic Acid is a naturally occurring acid found in unripe berries, used to prevent mold from showing up in the Twinkie and acting as a food preservative...yummy :S. Another ingredient that shouldn't surprise you, Animal Shortening; straight animal fat, and again meshing into this bland, unnutritional palate of ingredients.

The ingredients mentioned here are more or less naturally derived however, none of them are particularly nutritious, nor are they really that good for you in any other way. Keep in mind there are still another 34 ingredients, make sure to check them out at Dwight's own website for a full photo catalogue!

Get to know what you and your kids are eating!

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